Two Ancient Torah Scrolls Recovered in Turkey

This news report from Turkey is stunning news for those following The Chamberlain Key. If indeed this Torah scroll is nearly 1,500 years old it would represent a Torah text 500 years older than the Leningrad Codex. Will the Turkish authorities make it available to scholars? Or will it be suppressed like the Aleppo Codex Torah? How fragile is the gazelle skin scroll…and how complete is it? Does it contain the verses in the Book of Genesis where the The Chamberlain Key Code was discovered?

The wheels are already moving to get these and many more questions answered. The documentary history film project just announced will be delving into this to get the real story and facts behind this discovery…..Stay tuned!!

“Two ancient Torah scrolls, along with numerous other artifacts, have been seized from smugglers by Turkish authorities during the past several weeks.

One of the ancient Torah scrolls, recovered with other artifacts in mid-April, is inscribed on gazelle leather and believed to be about 1,500 years old.” 

Read article: Ayvalik, Turkey – 1,500-year-old Torah Recovered From Turkish Smugglers

Read article: Two Ancient Torah Scrolls Recovered in Turkey

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